We jump right into the messy chaos of innovation with you.

Our team and network of friends and collaborators are an elite collection of innovation enthusiasts. Together we’ve touched every aspect of innovation whether it was working in venture capital, running accelerators, building our own startups, or working with Microsoft and other large enterprises on corporate and open innovation initiatives. If we learned one thing it’s that we love seeing innovation truly take form, and helping others succeed at nurturing it to success.

"We now know that a transformative shift to a corporate culture of innovation can only be realized as an outcome or by-product of creating genuinely new business and revenue streams.”

- Joel Semeniuk, CoFounder & CEO

Our secret sauce is simple: We jump right into the messy chaos of creating a genuinely new business alongside you. It’s muddy, painful, exhilarating & exhausting. It also becomes the center of the organization’s transformative change, it’s gravity growing stronger every day. We’ve done this literally thousands of times, so not only will we show you the way through, but we’ll invite all our friends to help lighten the load.

Mentoring and Coaching

We believe that every individual and every team should have a mentor and a coach. We have them as well, both personally and for HORIZONthree. Over the many years, we’ve been doing this we’ve learned there is no ‘one size fits all’. Our approach is to be elastic, constantly measuring the results and refining our methodology for fit. Coaching is task-specific, with a beginning and an end, focused on outcomes and learning. It is our vast and deep experience that allows us to be so nimble.

“We’re not here to give you a fish, nor teach you to fish. We’re here to help you build a fishing industry empire.”

- Todd Embley, Co-Founder & COO

It has truly been an honor to have spent our lives working with brilliant entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and executives, from such a varied spread of industry verticals. We are so very proud to have them on this journey with us and excited that each has agreed to participate with us, but for you.

At the end of the day this boils down to humans working with humans, and it’s something we’ve done a lot of and now we’re very very good at it. We impact humans; humans impact business.

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Attending an immersive training experience in a collaborative and hands-on setting can kickstart almost every innovation team into action. We have standardized training at the ready or we can build customized events for you available around the world and at your convenience.

Some of our training classes include:

  • Innovation Bootcamp
  • Corporate Innovation Masterclass
  • Open and Collaborative Innovation Masterclass
  • Internal Accelerator Masterclass
  • Blockchain for Developers
  • Mapping and Framing Opportunities for Innovation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Startup Challenges for Business Units
  • Pitching Value

We also have access to training opportunities provided by our global partnerships.

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Collaboration by Collision

Every team on every project needs an injection of fuel into their project. We do this injection in the form of facilitated workshops. These sessions get your team sharing, exploring, planning, thinking, arguing, laughing, crying, and bonding. Ranging anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days, we quickly get teams energized, focused, and rapidly innovating as a cohesive unit.

Build. Measure. Learn. Repeat.

Here are some of the workshops we facilitate:

  • Swarm, ideate and create
  • Strategic opportunities exploration
  • Focus and planning
  • Building your business model
  • Driving experiments
  • Pitching value to stakeholders and investors
Let us come and stir the pot; there’s a method to the madness and you will realize a return on the investment.

Talent Marketplace

Innovation often requires access to rare skills and expertise, so we cultivated a diverse and international marketplace of vetted experts who are ready to help.

Some of the amazing skills in our ecosystem include:

1. Business development talent

  • Investment and funding
  • Market entry (Europe, Asia and Canada)
  • Financing innovation
  • Innovation Legal Services
  • Cross-border expansion
  • ICOs and Token economies

2. Innovation development talent

  • Market validation
  • Customer Development and Lean Startup
  • Innovation scouting and sourcing
  • Customer Experience / User Experience
  • User research and testing

3. Growth talent

  • Growth hacking
  • Writing and copy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Design

4. Technical talent

  • Application Development
  • DevOps Management and Consulting
  • Blockchain consulting and development
  • AI and machine learning
  • Cloud and mobile
  • Mixed reality
  • Microsoft platform talent

5. Modern workplace talent

  • Digital transformation
  • Modern workplace
  • Future of work
  • Modern workplace design
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Corporate Innovation Programming

It’s paramount to know our “north star” and create a high-level innovation strategy, tethering with the executive team leaders who will oversee and coordinate the many projects or innovation initiatives. If their innovation teams are to act like startups, then the executive team should act like an investor.

Here is how we help corporate innovation through dedicated programming:

  • Designing innovation labs and facilities
  • Innovation partnership scouting
  • Collaborative Learning and Problem Solving Workshops (Hackathons)
  • Running corporate accelerators
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Wow, do we have tools, and boy do we love using them. Every time we learn something new, we create a tool to help us encapsulate what we learned for better use next time. What’s awesome is we like to share our tools with our customers as much as we can.

You can get access to many of our tools in the resource section of our website.