The Horizon Three Approach

With the market and technology changing faster than ever, what are you doing to prepare for your business’s future?


Re-ignite your existing business with the same spark that founded it.


Act like a startup and devote a small portion of time to actively experimenting with the technologies, markets, and business models that will impact your company. Explore markets. Determine business viability. Do it quickly, and cheaply. And do it outside of your core operations.

Think like an investor and decide which opportunities are worth investing in. Create a culture of accountability and entrepreneurship with your team. Start small and increase support for innovations that demonstrate business viability. Incorporate these viable innovations into operations to grow.



Horizon Three is inspired by the Three Horizons of Growth (McKinsey, 2009). A framework introduced in 1999 for helping businesses keep an eye on the future while continually growing their operations.


Testing new ideas

Incorporating viable innovations into operations
Improving operations


Combining this framework with established methods for startup success (such as The Startup Way, The Lean Startup, The Customer Development Process (Business Model Generation), and Lean Enterprise*, among others), can re-ignite your innovation pipeline with less risk and greater potential for reward.



You can’t go it alone. Innovation requires new ideas, collision, mentorship, and partners. Horizon Three understands what it takes to innovate. That’s why we’re partnering with recognized global and local leaders to bring you:


  1. A culture of innovation. Surround yourself with people that “get it”. Experiment, fail fast, and try again with people who are as excited about the possibilities as you are. 
  2. Access to bleeding edge technology like blockchain, augmented reality, and AI.
  3. Opportunities to learn from global experts. Innovators never stand still. Get mentorship, training, education, and events to expose yourself to the new inventions and methodologies trending world-wide.
  4. Experiences working with diverse groups. Innovation comes from new perspectives, and we’re aware of the impacts of privilege. That’s why we’re actively seeking out alliances with local organizations focused on marginalized groups in technology and business. Contact us if you have a group that is interested.
  5. Sustainable choices. An eye on the future means considering the impact of our current choices on the environment, society, and on ourselves. Horizon Three partners with local and global community initiatives focused on conscious business principles (like the Laudato Si’ Challenge) to increase exposure of sustainable options.
  6. A community of trailblazers, like yourself. Innovation doesn’t happen alone. Ideas thrive in community. Horizon Three aims to be a central place where special interest community groups can come together to share, demonstrate, learn, and grow.


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