Innovation Bootcamps

Build your Innovation Muscle
in 2-4 weeks

Course Description:

Designed for businesses and innovation teams, this intense, active learning boot camp will teach participants the fundamentals of the same business innovation process taught to the most successful businesses by the most effective accelerators and incubators around the world and used by companies such as DropBox, WealthFront, AirBnB, and GE. 

This boot camp will give you the tools you need to have your team turn ideas into revenue quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. 

Horizon Three’s Fail-First Method challenges participants with applied learning experiences to create resonance well after the workshop is over. The Corporate Innovation Bootcamp teaches participants everything they need to begin innovating and working as a team to continually evolving their idea into proven value.  

The workshop spans four sessions and culminates in a business presentation that would be used to prove the need further investment.

Learn the Complete Innovation Process:

Light bulb


Learn how to create, recognize, and communicate good ideas.

Discover what it takes to build teams that can turn them into reality.

chat bubble


Effectively test your ideas and learn directly from your customers - with their insights, their actions, and their dollars.

business canvas


Forget the 24-page document. Learn how to build dynamic business models that focus on finding and providing value.

climbing ladder


Foster success with a shared understanding of the innovation metrics that lead to success.

Use these metrics as a foundation for investing into innovation safely, rapidly, and deliberately.

Time Commitment:

  • Workshops, (4 hours per workshop, offered over 2 or 4 weeks):
    Each workshop you’ll collide with your cohort in a facilitated applied learning experience. Through guided discussions, your coach will help you develop your innovation, and assist you in evaluating your progress. During the final workshop, show off what you've learned and practice your new skills by pitching your innovations to the group.
  • Challenges (up to 30 mins per day):
    Watch your innovation take shape with reading, experiments, and short videos.
    Get online support from your facilitator and from your cohort throughout the week.


You will Learn to:

  • Formulate ideas into innovations.
  • Choose ideas to invest in.
  • Create innovation teams.
  • Balance innovation and operations.
  • Focus on customer value and experiences.
  • Develop business models around innovations.
  • Pitch to investors or sponsors of an innovation project
  • Measure innovation progress.
  • Incrementally invest into innovation development.

Value-Added Benefits:

  • A free Horizon Three membership and access to the alumni channel for 1 year, so you can continue to get support in your innovations.
  • A course workbook (pdf) that gives you the framework to apply the lessons after the course is over.
  • A certificate of completion to post to your professional network.
  • A network of peers that spans across function.


About your Instructor:

  Joel Semeniuk, Photo courtesy of Jason Halstead and (#DisruptED18)
Joel Semeniuk

Executive Director, Horizon Three
Global Impact Partner, Fresco Capital
Global Microsoft Regional Director

Photo courtesy of Jason Halstead and (#DisruptED18)

Joel Semeniuk’s super power is accelerating business modernization. Since 1995, he’s been helping businesses, startups, and mega-corporations worldwide uncover their future.

He’s been the Executive VP of Innovation at a company that scaled from 100 to 1,000 in three years. He’s founded seven startups. He’s one of seven Global Microsoft Regional Directors. He created the Application Lifecycle Management maturity and assessment models. He’s written several books and has spoken at dozens of conferences.

Joel is an active investor, a Global Impact Partner with Fresco Capital and a mentor that you can find in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Rome, and Winnipeg.