Innovation Accelerator

Help your corporate innovation team reach their next stage of development faster. Our program pairs your cross-functional team with an innovation coach who creates a curriculum to target your key challenges in 13 weeks or less. Go deep on the topics that make the biggest difference to your success with support from our global network of experts.

Make your key stakeholder a part of the team and create meaningful metrics and investment strategy for your business.

A Coach for Every Team

The future of work means supporting all your teams from marketing to development to sales reach their full potential. Our coaches use the same business innovation processes (Lean Startup, The Customer Development Process, Lean UX, Lean Enterprise) taught by the most effective accelerators and used by companies such as DropBox, WealthFront, AirBnB, and GE.

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  • Pitching 101
  • Validating ideas with real people
  • Team dynamics
  • Creating customer value propositions
  • Finding business value
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  • Identifying early adopters
  • Running targeted experiments to refine value
  • Creating the MVP
  • Testing the MVP
  • Refining the MVP
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  • Understanding the customer lifecycle
  • Identifying customers at all stages of the adoption curve
  • Exploring new channels
  • Growth hacking, marketing, sales
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  • Exploring what's next for business
  • Creating efficiencies
  • Building your team
  • Scaling Operations



Work with your coach on a facilitated applied learning exercises. Through guided discussions, your team will develop their innovation and learn new skills.


Get the answers to your subject-specific questions from our network of industry experts.


Experiment, Validate, Learn. Watch your innovation take shape and apply new techniques solve your problems.

Online Support

Get online support from your facilitator and the Horizon Three network throughout the week.

Pivot or Proceed Demo Day

Demonstrate your innovation progress and results to your stakeholders. Decide what to do next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for dedicated innovation teams?

In today's business, not everyone can afford to be fully dedicated to explore new ideas. We build our programs to work with your team's schedule and creating Pivot or Proceed moments as quickly as possible.

What is a Pivot or Proceed moment?

A Pivot or Proceed moment is when your company has enough information to decide whether you want to change direction or continue to invest in the innovation.

How do we know what to decide?

We won't tell you what to do, but we can help you make informed decisions. Our team includes experienced venture capitalists and investors that understand the measurements for success at various levels of innovation maturity. We can help you create meaningful targets for your team that mitigate your risks and maximize your value.



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Up to 13 weeks
Up to 13 weeks
Up to 13 weeks
Up to 13 weeks
Up to 13 weeks

Tailored Program

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Progress Reporting

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Horizon Three Community Access

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Dedicated Coach

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Horizon Three Workbook

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Horizon Three is providing a much-needed
calibre of programming to Manitoba’s
innovation ecosystem.

Kathy Knight / CEO, ICTAM